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Global Connections

Through our vast networks of suppliers from all over the world, TAYMED GLOBAL offers customizable products and programs to support clinics, hospitals and medical centers of all sizes.


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Ultra Fresh is a global leader in antimicrobial protection. Today, our Ultra-Fresh and Silpure antimicrobial products are used by hundreds of manufacturers in more than 40 countries around the world. Learn More

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Silpure  uses the power of silver to bring long-lasting antibacterial properties to your textiles. This unique patented antimicrobial product contains ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate only when the conditions for bacterial growth exist. Through careful control of the size and shape of the particles during production, Silpure avoids the fabric discoloration that can occur with other silver antimicrobial products. Learn More

Antimicrobial Solutions


TAYMED GLOBAL distributes innovative antimicrobial products such as antimicrobial linens, gowns, hospital scrubs, antimicrobial paint and nebulizer components.

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We have built global business connections with our products to ensure that we offer our clients innovation and on time delivery. Our flexibility within the electronics and textiles industries allows for very competitive pricing while deliver high quality products. Whether you need standard or customized products we can meet all of your needs.

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Medical Waste Solutions


TAYMED GLOBAL supplies medical waste and sharps removal solution, helping health agencies eliminate the costs of onsite storage and hauling fees, while fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements for medical waste disposal.

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